September 2016 Volunteer of the Month Award!

We are SO excited to introduce you to September's Volunteer of the Month: Renee Berger!!!!! If you haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting her, stop by Social Tees on the weekend and you'll be greeted immediately by her radiant, contagious smile. She is one of our head volunteers and she runs the show at our headquarters every Sunday. Renee has been one of the most dedicated, responsible, loyal, punctual, and upbeat volunteers we've ever had, and we are so grateful for her unstoppable help and cheer. Rain or shine, she is always there when we need her and literally HAPPY to do anything we need at anytime (unless it has to do with bugs, because while she's unfazed by snakes, poo, unhappy cats, huge dogs, etc., insects is hilariously her only fear). Renee is always so generous, outgoing, and eager to learn how she can be of further assistance. She has been working through some challenging personal times recently and STILL comes to help us almost every week and also lends a hand anytime she can squeeze in an extra few hours if we're short staff for a special event. We love just being around her because her buoyant mood is such a stress reliever -- for us and our rescue animals! 

This award program is designed to show how much we truly appreciate the hard work of our crew, to draw attention to a volunteer who has gone above and beyond in some capacity, to encourage other animal lovers to join the rescue world, and to spread stories of positive energy and compassion. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Renee!!!! Thanks to the support of our Volunteer of the Month donors, Renee will receive a $50 gift certificate so she can make a cool ass tee shirt via Pop Your Pup AND a gift certificate for some super yummy food from Shake Shack. Thank you also to our generous donors who are as committed to expressing gratitude for the hard work our volunteers do as we are.