August 2016 Volunteer of the Month Award!

We've been waiting FOREVER to announce August's Volunteer of the Month: Brad Williams!!!!! This incredibly kind and giving gentleman is an almost constant foster parent for at least one puppy, often two at a time -- he and his dog Chicken (who we regularly tell people is the coolest Boxer ever born) are so generous with their space and energy... and so patient! The entrance to their apartment is basically a revolving door into which we toss and from which we catch puppy after puppy. While with Brad and Chicken, our puppies and young dogs get fantastic socialization and exercise, and Chicken teaches them the ropes on being a good dog. She specializes in letting her little foster siblings use her ears and jowls as chew toys.(Currently, he's fostering our internet famous Little Bear, rescued from Craigslist at age 4 weeks!) They live nearby, for better or worse, so we tend to text and email Brad every time we get stuck -- and whether he's free or not, he always answers right away, and he almost always clears his schedule to help even if it's just for a night or two. We cannot thank him and Chicken enough for their sacrifice and wonderful attitudes. They are always smiling, even if they're bringing a puppy for a 9pm adoption or dropping a pooch off at 6:30am for a neuter appointment. 

This award program is designed to show how much we truly appreciate the hard work of our crew, to draw attention to a volunteer who has gone above and beyond in some capacity, to encourage other animal lovers to join the rescue world, and to spread stories of positive energy and compassion. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Brad!!!! (And Chicken.) Thanks to the support of our Volunteer of the Month donors, Brad and Chicken get a $50 gift certificate so they can make a cool ass tee shirt via Pop Your Pup AND a totally gorgeous leash from Found My Animal. Thank you also to our generous donors who are as committed to expressing gratitude for the hard work our volunteers do as we are.