July 2016 Volunteer of the Month!

Very, very long overdue, we've just started our Volunteer of the Month award! We have partnered with Pop Your Pup to offer a special thank you and a $50 gift certificate from this cool company to one member of our eclectic team per month. (We hope to throw more goodies into the award from other generous donors as we go.) This award program is designed to show how much we truly appreciate the hard work of our crew, to draw attention to a volunteer who has gone above and beyond in some capacity, to encourage other animal lovers to join the rescue world, and to spread stories of positive energy and compassion. Obviously, we are deeply grateful to everyone who works with us, so while we'd love to highlight all of you right now, we'll have to do it one at a time to keep things spicy. ;) 

In general we will be announcing the award towards the end of each month. We are playing a little bit of catchup since we just launched our new website, so our July 2016 recipient is Elyse Zucker! This animal loving powerhouse of a woman runs our Sunday adoption events at the Petco in Union Square, and she has been with us longer than almost any other volunteer. Rescue is her greatest love, and she will drop anything to help a critter in need. (Read more about her here!) THANK YOU SO MUCH, Elyse!