November 2016 Volunteer of the Month!

Beyond late... may we very enthusiastically introduce you to our November 2016 volunteer of the month!!! He is one of those humans we strongly suspect is actually an angel, and his name has become a label we now use to describe INCREDIBLE foster parents -- as in, "Gosh, thank goodness for Fuzzy's new foster dad, he's a real Dimitry." We first met Dimitry a few years ago when we desperately need a foster for a blind senior pit bull. Nobody stepped up to the plate for this girl (on the right) until Dimitry came along. He had never even owned a dog, let alone a blind old pit bull, but he was radiating patience and generosity when he arrived and was eager to learn. Dimitry hung in there while she learned her way around and has helped her through a tough diagnosis involving deteriorating mobility that may make humane euthanasia necessary at some point in the future... but she's outlived the estimate so far and is going strong! (Thanks to Foster Dogs NYC for their fospice help!) THEN another senior pit bull popped up in desperate need of a foster home... Denali (on the left). Who picked him up in a jiffy? DIMITRY. Fast forward a few months, and the three of them are now permanent family -- he adopted both! He's also helped us transport other pups here and there, and we thank the universe we met him. This award is designed to show how much we truly appreciate the hard work of our crew, to draw attention to a volunteer who has gone above and beyond, to encourage others to join the rescue world, and to spread stories of positive energy and compassion.

THANK YOU SO MUCH, Dimitry!!!! Keep an eye out, we're sending a $50 gift certificate for a cool tee shirt from Pop Your Pup AND a few gift certificates for some BarkBox goodies. Thank you also to our generous donors who are as committed to expressing gratitude for the hard work our volunteers do as we are.