We’re always looking to expand our group of super cool volunteers, and we want your help.

We are not currently accepting applications for event volunteers — your amazing enthusiasm has overwhelmed us, and we're working through our waitlist now! We'll post an announcement when we're ready for more orientations though, so hang in there.

We are now looking to fill the positions to the right. Please complete the volunteer application HERE if you'd like to join the team. We look forward to working with you!

Event and shelter attendant positions require a weekly commitment for a period of at least six months, and all volunteers must be 21 or older. (Check out ways to help if you're under 21 here.) We need volunteers who can be responsible, punctual, respectful, and committed. Requirements for all positions include: Must have strong communication and organization skills, cleaning skills, ability to work in a high stress environment, attention to detail, ability to handle animals gently but firmly. Must be able to make a regular weekly commitment and be able to work well in a team environment. Prior experience with animals a plus.  


Floating Shelter Attendant
East Village Headquarters

Have a weird, inconsistent schedule? So do we! We're open by appointment, and days when we rescue big groups of new dogs are scattered. We are looking for volunteers who are down to lend a hand from time to time at our home base and beyond depending on our random needs. Could be a Friday night, Monday afternoon, Wednesday evening... you get the idea. Responsibilities include: Feeding, handling, and cleaning up after puppies and dogs; cleaning duties (mopping, laundry, sanitizing donated equipment, dishes, etc.); interacting with the public and answering questions about adoptions and rescue; collecting donations; assisting as needed. 

Dog Trainer
Various Locations
Many of the pups we rescue come from neglectful places could use some work on stuff like basic commands, separation anxiety, leash reactiveness, and other common challenges. We need certified trainers who can help guide their foster parents and provide simple tips and insight so we can get these pooches what they need... and into their forever homes faster. 

East Village Headquarters
We are looking for veterinarians and vet techs who are willing to donate their time and services once a month at our shelter to help with wellness exams, vaccine updates, and microchipping. 

Various Locations
There is no such thing as too many members of our Paw-Parazzi! These professional photographers snap pics of our animals at adoption events and foster homes to help raise awareness and to help our animals find their forever homes as quickly as possible. 

Application Processor 
If you are detail oriented, good at following instructions, organized, analytical, and want to volunteer without leaving your couch, this is the position for you! We need people who we can count on to help us process adoption applications for dogs and cats. This can be done from anywhere that you have internet and phone access. Application processors must have flexibility to work during weekdays 9 to 5-ish because that is generally when references like vet offices are open. The faster we can thoroughly process adoption applications, the faster we can place our animals in forever homes... which means the more lives we can save. This position is just as crucial as any other to our team.

Event Planner
Remote and Various Locations
Have event experience and creative ideas? We'd love your help! We're looking for volunteers who are independent, driven, imaginative, cooperative, good at following directions, and great at working with a team to pitch and plan fundraisers with us.

Various Locations
Got a set of wheels and time to spare? We regularly need help transporting animals to and from the airport, vet appointments, adoption events, and more.

Handy Person/Contractor
East Village HQ
We need someone with brains and brawn to help around our office with renovations, repairs, design... help!