Some of the animals that have passed through our doors have been lucky enough to rub elbows with the stars! We are grateful to have so much support and love from our high profile adopters and foster parents, who use their networks and resources to raise awareness about animal rescue.

We adopted Jerry in 2014 to cheer up our chihuahua Leon (and us) when Honey, our beloved collie/shepherd mix died. Not only did he brighten up all our lives but he was there to ease the pain when Leon passed away. Now he has a little sister, Lala, another Social Tees alumn, and the four of us couldn't be happier.  We support Social Tees in every way we can because the love and devotion and sheer fun these dogs have brought into our lives is immeasurable.

– Grant Shaffer, author, & Alan Cumming, actor

The work that Social Tees does is truly heroic. Not only do they take in any type or size of animal in need, but they do it in a city as chaotic as New York. I am so impressed with the work that they do, and not only that, but I met my own little love, Angel, through them after being a total ‘foster failure.’ I have both a pure bred dog, Zippy, and my mixed little mutt, Angel, and I love them both the same. Angel is so sweet and friendly, and I constantly have people asking me about her breed as they want a dog as unique as her. I would highly recommend fostering or adopting from Social Tees to anyone looking for a pet.

– Alana Zimmer, model

When we adopted our first rescue baby, Porkchop, not only did we find an amazing dog, but we have made amazing friends at Social Tees. Samantha and Dimitra are two of the kindest people working with rescues. We have become major fans of Social Tees, so much so that our second baby, Cornelius, was adopted from them as well. Social Tees has a special way of connecting pets and owners. We have not only adopted our two pups, but have sent various friends to them as well for their rescues!

– Joe Zee, Editor-in-Chief of Yahoo Style and cohost of FABLife, & Rob Younkers, fashion designer

Social Tees Animal Rescue helps find homes for cute boys and girls to have permanent sleepovers. Fostering with Social Tees was the best, and you should do it, too! :)

–Toast, internet celebrity and author

In 2012, while living in Los Angeles, I saw a brown pit/boxer mix online that was scheduled to be euthanized at a NYC shelter. Even though I was 3,000 miles away, I knew I had to do something so I appealed to the New York rescue community online to help save this dog. The only rescuer to step up and help was Dimitra Molossi at Social Tees. Dimitra didn’t know me but she heard the passion in my voice to save this dog. After rescuing this dog from the shelter, Dimitra tried her best to place him in a loving home but because he was a big boy (85 lbs) and had glaucoma in his left eye, the right home didn’t materialize. Six months later, my partner and I were visiting NYC and we went to meet this dog we had come to adore simply from seeing his picture online. Well… needless to say, it was love at first sight and two days later, we brought Nelson back to Los Angeles to join our other dog Trooper and become part of our family.  Nelson is the biggest goofball you could ever meet.  He makes us laugh every day, and not a moment goes by that we aren’t so incredibly grateful to Dimitra and Social Tees for blessing us with this beautiful soul that has become such an important part of our family. 

– Michael Levitt, executive producer