We've saved and placed over 30,000 animals since we headed down the rescue road. Hearing from adopters hours, months, and years after they’ve welcomed in their new family members never gets old. Every time, these moments make our day.

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Teddy, lab mix, 3 months old, adopted 2016

"Teddy has been such a source of joy for us since we got him. He's very loving and loves to cuddle and roll over onto his back for belly rubs. If we're in the kitchen cooking he's at our feet waiting for scraps to fall or perched on the back of the couch where he has the best view of the action. His great joy in life (other than eating) is going to the dog park, and he knows the way, invariably trying to lead us there on every walk! He's fearless and always ready to play with any dog, including those many times his size, but also completely good natured. We love having him around and feel so fortunate we picked him out of all the dogs at the adoption event. He's a sweetheart.”

Chloe, Cockapoo, 3 years old, adopted 2013

"When we adopted Chloe in 2013, we were living in Tribeca, so she spent her first year as a city pup.The Social Tees volunteer who helped us with the adoption was actually our dog walker while she was a puppy! In August, we bought a house in Rye and moved out to the suburbs. Our house backs up to Rye Golf Course, so Chloe has been having fun chasing all the deer and turkeys that wander through our yard. She also loves going to Playland Beach and is slowly getting brave enough to put her feet in the water. Thank you for everything that you guys do! We love Chloe and can't imagine our family without her!”

Binx, Bombay mix, 1 year old, adopted 2016

"Hi Social Tees, I adopted Finster from you on 3/14 and just wanted to follow up since I know you guys loved him so. He is quite at home here and we couldn't be happier with him. Highlights include hiding toy mice underneath me when I'm not looking, galloping around the apt at full speed, and falling in love at first sight with our rabbit. Our older cat, Shadow, is still a bit hissy -- but she gets nicer to him each day and I'm confident they'll soon be friends and she'll get over herself. He's in great hands and he'll be loved forever. Thanks so much for everything! By the way, we renamed him Binx after the teenage-boy-turned-black-cat from the movie Hocus Pocus.

Carol, lab mix, 2 years old, adopted 2016

"We knew from the day we met her she was meant to join our family and she had found her forever home. Each day Carol shows more and more of her personality. She is the most affectionate and loving dog I know. She was naturally a little shy and uncertain at first, but now she has so problem jumping up on the couch for endless belly rubs and sprawling out between us in bed at night. Carol is making great progress learning to walk on a leash and enjoys going on long walks and making new friends at Astoria Park. Each day we cannot wait to get home and take Carol on a new adventure. Adopting Carol has truly been one of the most rewarding experiences in our lives. Thank you very much to everyone at Social Tees and especially volunteer Julie for going above and beyond to help Carol feel comfortable in her new home and easing our new puppy parent nerves!"

Graham, Pekignese mix, 5 years old, adopted 2015

"Dear Social Tees, We adopted Graham on March 29 last year, and when we met him we knew he was our guy! Those tusky little teeth and his earnestness and the way he shyly crept up to press against us: he’s pretty good at melting hearts, and we’ve just been puddles ever since. He’s so devoted and only wants to love and be loved; we can’t imagine how he ever survived being given up by his first family. But the incredible thing is, when we welcomed him home he chose to trust the next chapter in his life and to love us too. Graham made it to Social Tees, and his wonderful foster mom, Meridith, and then he made it to us. And he’s got us forever. We adore him just as he is. This guy is the tender heart of our little family. We are changed by the love we give and receive with him in our lives, and we celebrate him every day.”

Thurman, Dachshund, 5 years old, adopted 2015

"Dear Social Tees, We wanted to send you an update on the one year adopt-a-versary of Thurman, the doxie formerly known as Patches O'Houlihan. We can't believe we've already spent one year with Thurman, but it also feels like we've known him forever. He is the sweetest dog and he's made it so easy for us to be his parents. We couldn't ask for a better snuggle pal and all around best friend. Thurman loves cheese, snuggles, the big bed, chasing squirrels, and exploring with his humans. In honor of his anniversary, Thurman has made a donation to you so that other rescue pups can find their forever homes. THANK YOU, Social Tees!!! xo

Honey, Shih Tzu, 4 years old, adopted 2014

"Hi Social Tees! Hope you're doing well! I just wanted to write a little update on Honey since I've adopted back in August of 2014. She's been such a great addition to my family and to my coworkers. We're also so glad to have found a great shihtzu following on instagram. We've raised money for multiple charities and donated a bunch of supplies to Social Tees and other organizations as well. It's so great to use her instagram as a platform to do good! We can't wait to do more! Maybe we can do a little photoshoot session for adoptable dogs at my studio soon?”

Biscuit, Pug, 10 years old, adopted 2014

"Biscuit is hilarious -- he makes us laugh every day. He's incredibly loyal and always wants to be right next to us at all times. He also formed a very close bond with my other dog and with my family dog. In fact, our family dog passed away at home peacefully in his sleep a few months ago (a Saint Bernard at the old age of 12 yrs old) -- and in his last few hours, Biscuit did not leave his side. He stayed cuddled up next to him the entire time. Even once our Saint passed and we were preparing to take his body to the vet, Biscuit stood next to him until the last moment. It was the most touching thing I had ever seen between 2 dogs. Biscuit has such a big heart, and it is a pleasure to have him in our lives!”

Ella, Boston Terrier mix, 1 year old, adopted 2015

"We adopted Ella just over a year ago -- February 25, 2015. It's crazy to think that it's already been a year since she came into our lives. She's a rambunctious little pup who loves long walks, belly rubs, ice cubes, and of course -- lots of snuggles with Mom and Dad. She has an adorable under bite that wins everyone over and she has to be the center of attention. What you do isn't easy but it is so appreciated. It's hard to imagine a puppy like Ella ever wound up in a kill shelter. We feel so lucky to have her in our lives. Just wanted to let you know that Ella is incredibly loved, and we are so incredibly appreciative of Social Tees!" 

Piper, Boston Terrier mix, 2 years old, adopted 2014

"Hi again! I adopted Piper MLK weekend 2014. I fostered this little doll and eventually fell in love and adopted her. What a journey it's been! She's the sweetest little thing in the world. I couldn't be more thankful to Social Tees and what you guys do."

Calypso & Adzuki, domestic shorthair, 1 year old, adopted 2015

"The black and white one is Calypso fka Bella. She is growing like a weed, and basically looks like an adult-sized cat even though she's not even a year old yet. Her hobbies are eating, jumping full force onto peoples' chests, and playing high-intensity fetch. One day she will surely play competitive fetch in the Olympics. Calypso is the dumber of the two cats, and I think that's just terrific. She routinely gets jealous whenever we give attention to NOT HER, and will shove herself in front of laptops, phones, and her own sister to soak up that life-sustaining attention she craves. Calypso loves the sound of her own voice and when she is relaxed and happy she will make contented squawk noises, which I think is really important. I am the favorite of her two humans. The grey one is This is Adzuki fka Gigi. Adzuki will be president one day. As a future leader of the free world she offers these skills: she is soundly intelligent; a commanding and direct communicator; strategic in action; and she already looks like she's wearing a suit. She likes sitting in the windowsill, jumping really high, and is the sworn enemy of our laser pointer. I'd describe her relationship with me as 'attacks my feet when I am sleeping.' I'm no vet, but I'm pretty sure this cat is pure lean muscle, and efforts to fatten her up appear to have only made her more buff — earlier this week I got excited because I thought she got some pudge on her, but it was just a tuft of very fluffy belly fur. She farts with deadly intent and without warning. Adzuki is independent and values her alone time, but when she is feeling needy she'll gently squeak until she has your attention, and then melt into a puddle of loving affection. She likes my partner more than me." 

Sadie, Cocker Spaniel mix, 3 years old, adopted 2015

"We adopted our Sadie girl -- fka Sena -- on Feb. 7, 2015 and she has been a sweet, gentle, and hilarious addition to our family ever since. When we first picked her up, there was so much nervousness and sadness in her eyes, you could see how expressive they are. A year later, she uses them to hypnotize anyone who stares into them for extra treats. 😄 We can honestly say, as much as we may have given her a forever home, she has given us so much joy. Sadie spends most of her day napping under the sunny window or chewing her bones. She's made some great friends in the 'hood -- including fellow Social-ite Jasper! Everyone that meets her just falls in love with her prance, her floppy ears, and her sweetness. Sadie still gets a little nervous outside but we're working on it -- can't blame her, everything can seem bigger and scarier for this sweet little girl. For Sadie's adopt-a-versary, we met up with her foster mom Lehua. Sadie seemed very happy. Thanks again, we just love her, and as you can tell, Todd and her are partners in crime!" 

Riddle, hound mix, 9 years old, adopted 2014

"I lost my dog, Jake, to cancer in August 2014. I wasn't looking to adopt another dog so quickly, but a few weeks after Jake died, I saw an SOS from Social Tees in need of a foster for Riddle, a 7-yr-old Walker Coonhound from Tennessee. I turned into a foster failure. Riddle is full of joie de vive. She's never met a person or animal (including my cat) she doesn't like. She loves to play with dogs on the street and in the dog-run. She's a very social girl outside and a big mush at home. She likes nothing better than to have her jowls messaged, chew on a good bone, sleep on my bed, and eat peanut butter. She's pure love and the source of my greatest happiness."

Sweet Pea, domestic shorthair, 12 years old, adopted 2013

"Life with Sweet Pea has been amazing. She loves playing with her toys, running from one end of the apartment to the other, and rubbing everyone who comes in the door. She's a happy, loving cat with lots of attitude. She definitely thinks she's the queen of the household and I guess she is! I'm very happy that I failed at fostering and ended up adopting her."

Edith, Pit Bull mix, 1 year old, adopted 2015

"Just wanted to say how much I enjoy having Edith (formerly known as River) and how she's become best buddies with my friend James's pup and Social Tees grad, Alfie (formerly Mathias). So thank you!" 

Oreo, Border Collie mix, 9 years old, adopted 2016

"We are thrilled to have adopted Oreo! She is the friendliest, sweetest, most easy going dog. Her primary focus in life is snuggling, Most recently, she fell in love with a giant dog mascot at the 5th Ave Street Fair. She's an older lady, and when we first started fostering her, her hind legs were giving her a bit of trouble. But with some Cosequin and anti inflammatories, she's much more comfortable and loves going on adventures. She's even created her own instagram account! You can follow her at @pigdogoreo... She's a pig dog because when she's happy, she snorts like a pig! Thanks so much for all you do, and for bringing her into our lives!"