It takes a village (and lots of supplies!) to run an animal shelter. Please consider donating material goods to help keep our critters well cared for and our operations running smoothly.

You can donate either via our Amazon Wish list below or by dropping off supplies during our regular hours. (If you are dropping off gently used goods, PLEASE clean them first. Thank you!)

What We Need

Dry and wet pet food (especially dry cat food)
Dental chews for dogs
Bully sticks
Nature’s Miracle cleaning fluid
Eco-friendly cleaning supplies (all-purpose spray, hand soap, laundry soap, and more!)
Hand sanitizer
Paper towels
Pet carriers and dog crates (clean, gently used is fine!)
Dog leashes and collars (clean, gently used is fine!)
Dog clothing (clean, gently used is fine!)
Dog and cat beds (clean, gently used is fine!)
Resealable plastic bags (like ziploc bags)